Monster Energy

Hans / Crimson Creative Labs has provided the following services for Monster Energy since 2010 -

Creating, managing, and negotiating relationships with UFC, Crossfit, and Bellator properties on company's behalf

Negotiating, on the company’s behalf, MMA, Crossfit, Celebrity, Tactical, Bodybuilding, and Powerlifting athlete contracts

Establishing and managing MMA and Crossfit athlete relationships

Establishing and managing MMA & Crossfit training facility relationships

Overseeing MMA & Crossfit event production and activation

Working directly with the athletes and organizations to develop, direct, and produce social media campaigns for distribution by all parties

Providing and producing content with athletes and organizations in the form of interviews, photography, and video skits.

Working directly with sales and brand marketing to create POS and consumer programs

Providing sales, marketing, and design support for MMA & Crossfit programs